Welcome to A Bridge to Peace, a project of Peace Bridges, Inc., an Oregon nonprofit. Our purpose at Peace Bridges is to encourage nonviolent conflict resolution and peacemaking at the community level. Our home is Bend, Oregon, a community of 78,000 people sited east of the Cascade Mountains in the beautiful Deschutes River Valley.

While Bend is our home, we seek to promote peace and peacemaking in communities throughout the world through our A Bridge To Peace projects. But we began in Bend, Oregon in 2007 with efforts toward having a small local bridge designated a peace bridge.  This effort was finally realized when on December 17, 2008, the Bend City Council proclaimed the Portland Avenue bridge the Peace Bridge of Bend. The Portland Avenue bridge crosses the Deschutes River and is adjacent to two parks, Pacific and Pioneer. We also adopted Pacific Park, with the ultimate goal of partnering with the park district in the creation of a naturalized peace garden area.


Another concurrent A Bridge to Peace project, this one overseas, is our sponsorship of a small African orphanage, Better Life Children’s Home, in Kibwezi, Kenya. Presently, Better Life supports 10 school-aged children and minors, along with a community outreach program.  Better Life is a small home, but a safe and caring environment for the children who live there. In 2009, we began sponsorship of an effort to develop a well in another eastern Kenyan community, at Kiaoni. We consider both Kenyan projects as important incremental efforts toward peacemaking.

 Peace Bridges, Inc. is a 501 (c ) (3) nonprofit corporation. All funds received on behalf of our A Bridge To Peace projects go to the designated project. If you wish to support Better Life Children’s Home for example, considering sending a check to Peace Bridges, and dedicating it to Better Life.  Check out our posted photos, seen throughout our website’s links. Please consider joining us in our peacemaking quests. 

Take the First Step. 

If you wish to support our Better Life Children’s Home, consider sending a tax-free contribution to Peace Bridges, Inc. and dedicating it to “Better Life”. We are a 501 (c) (3) non-profit, and 100% of the funds received on behalf of Better Life Children’s Home will go to support this orphanage.